Day 5

Dear diary

The boring story or almost boring day to tell you today as it was just a boring Wednesday, work was normal, everybody had calmed down over that I was getting married. I heard a few of my coworker asking each other if I was pregnant too but I did not reply them as they did not ask me directly. I am not pregnant so far I know. Guess writing is good for you as I suddenly remember that today is the 3rd day in a row that I have seen shooting stars. I hope everything is alright in space as I have never seen that many, in so many days in a row, maybe it is just God who tries to bless me even more. Niklas talks about that it is normal for them to appear doing certain periods of the year, guess I want to move to the country so I can watch them everyday but we both need to be close to our work. In case you, my dear diary, are wondering what my job is then I am working in a kindergarten and I love it even my coworkers are sometimes talking behind my back. I do not care about them as I am mostly working for the kids who all loves me very much so I guess that is why they think I might be pregnant too. I wonder how long there will go before my mom will go crazy about me getting a dress for the weeding. Anyway back to the shooting stars, I just watched another one though the window as I am writing this, it was almost turquoise in the light so it most have been full of Barium, which I hope burned all up as it is a bit radioactive. Anyway bedtime now.

Good night diary.