Day 521

Dear diary

Today I have good and bad news. The good news is that Dan has learned how to use the rock like me so now we are two who can use the rocks so now we are the defenders against the aliens but since we are humans we cannot stay awake 100% and I think the aliens knows this as they are trying to attack us when we are asleep. So we are slowly losing more and more people even that we have decide to make a bass in the old research centre. They are working hard to connect to the army as we still have not seen or heard from them. I wonder why my father is not worried for me as at least he knows he should have been heard form me by now or maybe even have seen me if the bosses was talking about sending me back to the base. That was the bad news. I also wonder how they get reach us when we are using every gun to defend the few openings but guess I need to focus on sleeping now instead of that.