Day 547

Dear diary

I wonder who the mercenaries is looking for as they keep bring more and more woman to the camp and they look like similar to me. I also wonder where they keep finding these woman as even we was many woman in the research centre they are all dead now, only me and Dan survived. Speaking of surviving then Dan is getting less and less food because of the growth in numbers of women that the mercenaries has to feed even that they seem like they have having plenty of resources. It makes me wish that we was able to use the rocks to get out of here or at least bring more food for Dan. I know that you are wondering why we are not but you know we do not have any powers over them and we did not have any in the first place after we learned the soldiers was not our soldiers. I give Dan some of my food doing the night as that has not gone done even with the extra women. I do it at night because I do not want them to think we are more than friends as after all Dan is just a man. On the positive side then we have not been attacked by the aliens since we got to getting with the mercenaries even they are not in our team.