Day 563

Dear diary

Today I am writing with tears in my eyes over today events. A researcher from the research centre was somehow alive and was found by the mercenaries. Even from a distance I could see in her eyes that she recognized me and that if things had gone differently she would maybe have revealed the secret about me and maybe Dan too depending on how much she knew as the days after the main attack on the centre is a bit blurry for me. Not sure why, maybe the amount of food is getting to low as I am still sharing my food with Dan. Anyway the woman tried to escape the mercenaries and guess they was in a bit bad mood as instead of chasing her again they just her down like an animal doing hunt before yelling to us in cases that if some one tries to run, they will get shot and not recaptured. It made me want to escape even more, if only we could get to the rocks back at the camp we would be free. Dan managed to stop me for tonight so guess I will just seat her blame the human world for not helping each other when needed instead of still forming forces against each other. I wish I had been more than a kindergarten teacher in my now old life so I could have helped those in need and maybe have given us a better chance against the aliens