Day 593

Dear diary

I do not know where to start today as I am so sad and annoyed on myself that writing this only hurt my heart even more. Guess I just try write it out and deal with the facts afterwards. Deep breath… Dan is death… yes you read that right, he is death and it is my fault as I had every possibility to save him from the mercenaries and does who hired them in the first place. Let me start from the beginning of the day. I was awaken by noise in the camp and before I knew anything my cage was opened and I was forced on a march where we were two soldiers, one of the hires, Dan and me. I thought at first that they were going to force Dan to see me getting you know but instead they force us back to the research centre where we had left the rocks behind. You see, without my knowledge had Dan been talking doing his fever about the rocks and how he were my lover and all while a guard had heard it and decided that it was the best clue about the rocks they had been having since their search started. So we got to the place where we had hidden the rocks and they had forced me to dig for them. When they was done they wanted me to use them but even after what seem like millions of tries and tears running down my cheeks I could not make them work. So what did they do, well they pointed a gun at Dan chest who, thankfully, was too sick to notice what was happen, and just like on movies when the hero cannot do what the evil mastermind wants they shoot him and he died before I could reach him and tell him how much I loved him and that those bastards would get paid for what they had done to him. Now they have the rocks and they have the only person in the world able to use them too. So I wonder how long before they take away my dairy too so I can root in hell.