Day 599

Dear diary

Stupid rocks why did you not work when I needed you to work so I could have saved Dan from the leader of the mercenaries. But at least I am free now as the rock started to glow and I killed a guard before the places was raided by soldiers. A few women died in the fight for freedom but the mercenaries are all gone from the face of the earth. I wonder if the new soldiers are any good or if they are just our new lords but I overheard them talk about bringing us to their leader Niklas and the way the soldier said the name, really turned a old fire in me that made me believe that the Niklas they was talking about is my old Niklas. I know it is too early to be happy for something but after the loss of Dan and the mercenaries really made my mind and body need some love instead of dead. I asked the soldiers when we was going to the camp with Niklas and they told me that we are 2 days away from there and the plan is going there after a free night of sleep. I am so happy now that the only thing which can ruin my mind is does stupid rocks and shooting stars but even in a clear sky as today I feel like the moonlight is protecting me as not a single meteorite is in sight and I have been watching for the past hour while I tried to write down my dead. I can hear a few ladies moaning gentle in the night, guess they and the soldiers missed some love compared to the horrors which was filling our days here.