Day 613

Dear diary

It feels good to be back with Niklas again even I am not sure how I will ever be able to tell him about Dan. I miss my father but the reasons from Niklas about why we have not returned there yet has been good so far and besides Niklas is the only human except Dan who has cared for me since my father sent me away to the research centre. I know it was his boss but still we still have not been in contact since the alien attack on the centre so how can he say he loves me when he cannot even make the army go looking for me when I am a mighty weapon against the aliens. I still wonder if I would have found Niklas if Dan had not died the day I held myself from using the rocks powers even that tears was jumping out of my eyes like shots from a machine gun. I am glad that they was stupid enough to take us to our old camp so I could gather the rocks so they could not find it there. I am still a bit shaky every time a guard past my tent as it reminds me of being in the case plus I keep waking up at night by my nightmares which has grown really bad since I was saved, I wish there was a doctor here who could give me some sleeping pills or something. I will try to sleep now.