Day 617

Dear diary

I wonder if my mind is connect to the rocks in more than one way as recently when I have been having nightmare shooting stars and maybe even meteorites is appearing on the sky like tonight. I hope that things goes well for us and that the aliens stay away this time. I do not want to see more death but at least I know how to use the rock now and if I ever get captures by aliens or humans I will fight my way out or die trying. I lost enough that way and yeah I know only Dan so far but that is far enough even that I got Niklas back. It is good to be with him again and I can feel he enjoys it as well even that he is busy being a leader. He sounds like a good leader and I am happy he is non longer sent out on missions like he was before. He told me that his leaders died under an alien attack and afterwards people just started to come to him for answer and he felt that he had to become the leader for them. I know that the dead of men and his former leaders as sometimes he is waking up with fire in his eyes and one time he even took a hard grasp around my throat. Of course it was scary when it happened, I even wept a bit which killed the fire in his eyes as soon they hit his hand. I still have a mark from it and he has one inside his soul as he cannot make himself kiss me before telling how sorry he is. I do not blame him for it, I just hope I can help him beat his demons some day like he will beat the real ones.