Day 619

Dear diary

I am getting tired of aliens, rocks and everything in between as today we was of course attacked by the aliens just as my nightmares and the shooting stars almost predicted. I wonder if the aliens can feel that I can control the rocks and that is why they keeps attack us after my nightmare. I want to walk away from it all to keep Niklas safe but guess would only make things worse for him. I know it is a bit harsh to say that another army, who helped us beat the aliens in the fight today, is a bad thing but the leaders of the army just took control over Niklas and his soldiers like they had been under them the entire time and made the regular soldiers once more. That means starting tomorrow, Niklas will get sent out in the field again and because I am a woman I cannot join him because he made me promise to keep the rocks a secret untill we knew more about the army and its leaders. I guess I will go to Niklas tent and spend the night so he knows I love him and will always be there for him. I know I told you a few days back that he hurt me once doing his sleep and yes he did but it was only because I entered his tent while he was having his nightmares. I hope if I sleep next to him, things will be better.