Day 631

Dear diary

Why does the world has to be so hard against me all the time. I am tried that Niklas is no longer a leader and is sent out on missions like he is some dog. I am not saying that him being a dog would be fine but maybe it would be a bit better if I had some friends here as no one have time for a woman like me, even I sure get some eyes from the guys from time to time. The best thing which could happen is if they found the new base of my father so I could at least be with him while Niklas was out or give me my time back with Dan, why did he has to die… I know why and it was because I knew how to use the rocks and not a regular young woman. I wonder if people would have more mood to be my friend if I did not have the rock powers. Guess I am back at blaming my father for all the things once more. Sorry father. That reminds me I have for some reason only call my father for father this entire diary so guess it is time to reveal his name. Brian Lorenzen is his name, it is not big deal. ANother things that annoyed me is that even that Niklas keep finding survivors they all avoid me like someone who has not shower for a month or so. No one gives a damm about me at the moment, except Niklas who has no time for me.