Day 653

Dear diary

It is good to that we found Anika as first of all we are learning more about the rocks by the day with her around. I know Dan tried his best as well but he did not give us much new knowledge. Anika says it hurt a bit in her chest when firing but not so bad and she can easily turn it off. Another good thing is that I have more time for Niklas even he is busy but today we at least had the chance to share a meal instead of almost just saying good morning or good night. I wonder if we will have the chemistry we had before the aliens and before he left me last time. I tried to small talk doing the meal we shared but it quickly turned a bit shower as he was annoyed on himself for not being there to protect the baby even that he knows in died inside me and not by something outside. The last good thing about Anika is that I do not need to go rock hunting every day as some times she just go while I stay back and search for more clues about them plus I am not the only one getting tested all the time which relaxes my body as well. The leaders talk about maybe make me the leader of the small research team as they feel like I am the most knowledgeable on the subject, not sure if that is true or not. Anika feels clever too so maybe I will just that we share the job if the leaders decide I shall be the one. Now I will rest as I have to get up early tomorrow.