Day 661

Dear diary

The shooting stars a few weeks back did not bring an attack on our base but I was still a bit worried when some of Niklas’s team arrived early at home with blood on their faces and cloches. A few of them had died but Niklas was not one of them, I know I am sounding cold but saying that I am happy he is still alive because how could I live in this world if I had no one who care of me. I bet you are think why are you not just throwing yourself at people but it is hard for me, ok. Maybe if Niklas dies again I might find another like Dan, who knows. I have still not given up in find my father as I wonder what happen to him and the others. I do not mind to find out his is dead as long as I get some papers explaining why he did not find me in the first place after the alien attack. Of other news my belly is acting wierd, maybe I am soon ready to try become a mother again soon but so far Niklas has either been uninterested or too busy. Btw I do care for strangers and I hope that no one was hurt or killed by the latest shower. Anika still do not remember her name which is kinda weird given that her injuries did not seem that bad but she managed to fire the rocks once more before starting to scream of pain which ended up making her faint. She is back up already, but I think we have already learned more together than while they was searching me on their own. I guess we need to learn how to control the beams without becoming tried or have pains. Guess I have rambled enough about things now so will sleep now.