Day 673

Dear diary

Dear God, please let my father and most of his friends and other important figures be alive as I know from Niklas that the aliens has been in your camp and destroyed it. The attack was so bad that there was still fires all over the place and even that Niklas do not know my father, he calmed that he did not find any bodies which was not burned to unrecognizable so there was nothing for me to see. I wish that Niklas had allowed me to show the power of the rocks before so I could help maybe have helped my father is his fight. I am not blaming Niklas even my wish, I blame myself for having the power to begin with or the stupid aliens which arrived here in the first place. I talked about that to some of the men who was researching the rocks and not one of the had a single idea about why the aliens had landed here on earth of all places as so far they knew they had only be trying to destroy us and not change the planet to their environment or dig after gold or something. I hope my father is not blaming me for not being there when he needed me but why would he as he was not there when I needed him. Guess my mind cannot find out if it is a good day even that I do not know if my father is dead or alive. Before my mind is getting completely out of this world I will try to sleep