Day 677

Dear diary

Guess you can always do a trade to get your will, even in this world or rather what is left of it. Until now only researchers has been trying to help the young woman Anika with the rocks and its power because I felt I needed some space from the rocks and I also wanted more time with Niklas the few hours or days he are home from mission. Now I am helping them because I know how to use them or rather I think I do as so far it has not made Anika able to use them but I sure we are getting there soon. In return the leaders has allowed Nikas to search for the base of my father and I know what you are think, no many days ago you told it was found burning and yes it was but after getting permission to search the left overs I found clues about that the base destruction was a cover up and now Niklas has been ordered out to find the base so we can all be together against the aliens. Guess I have not been so happy for the human race in a long time. I am smiling as I am writing all of this even I am still a bit annoyed on my father for leaving me to died after the alien attack but now I think they had their own issues to deal with and that he would have been there for me if they had the chance to save me. I want to sleep with peace in my heart beside I know I will get awaken soon again because the bosses wants the power of the rocks soon and guess sleep is for the weak.