Day 701

Dear diary

We are saved or something. Niklas found my father’s base and now we are having two armies to be able to fight against the aliens so now I can relax again. I will still try to learn others how to use the rocks so we can defend even better against the aliens but I can also spend some time with my father. We have not been able to talk about what happened at the research centre yet but I am sure he has a pretty good explanation as he seem really sad and happy to see me. I guess I can almost forgive any reason as long he did not send me to die but why would he do that to his own daughter. Tears is feeling my eyes when I think of those who has died so far Anika who never remembered her real name, Dan who love me and my mother while we tried to escape. I cannot make myself write more today except for may they rest in peace with the rest of the souls who has given their lives for a better tomorrow.