Day 719

Dear diary

It is more than 2 weeks ago since I called Niklas for Dan and we have finally talked a bit about and he is still angry about it and even that I told him it was not the soldier Dan in his group, he almost killed him. I never knew that Niklas was like this and even I still love him, I am also a bit scared of him now because I did not want anyone to get hurt by my actions. I am sorry that I am bad but I still do not know how I was supposed to know he was alive. If Niklas had given me any sign I would have no felt so alone which made the things happen. I am not sure if it is my fear which is talking now but sometimes I wish Dan was still here instead so things could have continued. My father says that some people is having a hard time cheating but how can he call it cheating when I did not know he was alive. I guess will go to sleep before my head gets too full of sad thoughts so tears will ruin my sleep.