Day 729

Dear diary

Today will be the last time I will ever mention Dan as I want to show Niklas that I am 100% focused on us even he is acting more and more wierd by the day and he even asked the leaders to go on a mission tonight and left me alone here. Good thing I still have my father to talk or would be like back when I had no one when Niklas was sent on mission. I wonder what Anika would have told me if she was here. I miss having a female friend so If Niklas is not back in base tomorrow I will start talking to random girls and women untill someone wants to talk to me or at least tell what I have to do, to make them talking. If nothing works I will ask the leaders to send me on another rock hunt as I think I need some air. Niklas will be in my heart untill he either starts showing feelings for other women or something like that. It is so annoying to think this would have been soon our 1 year of marriage and instead of that we are pissed at each other and acting strange while an alien vs human war is going on. If I knew my life would be like this back when I started my first diary I would have not fallen for Dan and maybe not become pregnant with child. But I guess that is just how life is. So dear God please make my life better soon.