Day 733

Dear diary

Today has been a day like any other, I wonder if me and Niklas ever gets over that I was with Dan for a while that I thought Niklas was dead. I am really sorry for all of this and I promise I will be good until I know the true dead next time. Of course I do not want him to disappear or die again so help me god, let me get back with Niklas soon. We have still not… wait someone is screaming, I will write later…

I want to escape but it is too late for me so guess I will gather my last strength. Niklas has been replaced by an alien which was why has been so cold to me. It hurts when I am writing by have to continue. The aliens has attacked us from inside, my father is dead and I do not know to write this as I do not understand it but blood is running from my belly so cannot think straight anymore but the rocks was fake. The beams they made was somehow the aliens and it was just a way for them to make me arrive in important places with important people and all. I have doomed the human race but I am dying now so I could not even save myself as Niklas was an alien all along.
Goodbye world, if there is not life after this then thanks for the time I had… and God please save..