New simple design + bye discord server

I have changed a bit on the design again and I have decided to kill my discord server as it was more or less death anyway, but still have my discord if you want to write or chat with me. I am also thinking of focusing 100% on my novel again but will keep an…More

No review but updated book

Today I have no review as I do not know what to review but instead I have update my ideas a bit so now you can read idea even longer if you want. I have also gotten an awesome cover for my book from David Arag√≥n which you can already find on the story page…More

Still cleaning in the back

Not much to say today other than I am still cleaning in the back but did not get so far today as I decide to walk 15km today because I was tried of computer watching and wanted some nature and town instead. I did it in 2 hours and 32 minutes but I had been…More

Redesign of everything

Today I am trying to redesign everything so I can keep my story updated and such so now there is an ‘other’ page where you can find poems, short stories and reviews while the story pages is also update with an divide page now that it is slowly becoming a web story instead of book.…More