Chapter 11 finished, soon book

Today I finished chapter 11 in my book now only 4 more chapters left and I am so happy to be done another chapter. Next chapter is ‘Certain death’ and I cannot wait to give you the first part tomorrow even it is going to be a short one because of my plans for tomorrow…More

Chapter 10 finished

Now I am finally done chapter 10 and cannot wait to get started on chapter 11 and the remaining 5 chapters incl. chapter 11. Have not yet reached 60.000 words yet but it is getting closer and closer as I am at 57686 words now. I have decide to change the title of chapter 11…More

Final part of Chapter 9 + 50.000 words

Today I have finished chapter 9 and because of the length of it I have reach 50.000 words or 51500 words to be precise. Feels good to reach so far in a novel and I am glad to share it with you guys. I will add the complete chapter to the places after this post…More

Chapter 8 done after weird 4 days

Today marks the end of a bit weird 4 days as I have felt lazy, sick, tired and everything in between but today the 5th day of the week I managed to do something good and that was to finished chapter 8 as I could not stop myself from writing. Guess Endel app really works……More

Chapter 7 wow, Chapter 8 tomorrow

Today I finished chapter 7 – Love & training after just 4 days, that is crazy, I cannot understand what happened but after I publish part 3 yesterday my mind just wanted to relax so I watched a movie “Doomsday”, which maybe was a bad choice in these times. Anyway afterwards my mind was like…More

Chapter 6 over, Chapter 7 next

Today I finished chapter 6 – A new home and I feel like it was yesterday I started my novel. I feel great about sharing it with you people. I am ready to start chapter 7 tomorrow. You already know that is named Love & training and I have refreshed the chapter idea a bit…More

Chapter 5 finish, Are you guys ready for chapter 6?

Today I finished chapter 5 – Escape which was a bit different form the rest as when I started writing it, I noticed that I had not added any notes or ideas from it so was a bit worried if I could write it anyway but I am now done and ready to start chapter…More

Chapter 3 finish, Chapter 4 coming up

Today or rather yesterday I have finished Chapter 3 – The old man of Beyond love existence after going crazy yesterday where I wrote 2500 words but was too sleepy to publish the part so here it is today instead. Thanks again for getting me so far and as for Chapter 4 it is going…More

Chapter 2 done, Chapter 3 coming up

Today I have finished Chapter 2 – Bloody meeting of Beyond love existence and have made a PDF and online version for you guys. Thanks for getting me so far and as for Chapter 3 it is going to be named The old man. If you want to download chapter 1 or chapter 2 please…More

Sickness + Poems + Chapter 1

What a weekend. I started being sick Thursday last week and still were not 100% Saturday but still wrote some small parts but ended up with 3 poems you can read here about feelings and a whole chapter named Heir as you know you have followed me. Thanks to those who have followed and liked…More