Ups forgot time

Today I simply forgot thew time as I was playing around with docker and such so no part todayMore

No gaming for me until fixed pc

My gaming pc cooling broke for good so now I am going to send it to the sale and see what happens. I am waiting for my RMA right now and is so tried of things breaking around me. But at least I can still write and such once my focus return which is not…More

Mind is still gone but legs are there

Today I still have no way to start chapter 4 and is not sure about how much time I will have tomorrow as for some beep reason I have to walk 8km total to pick up my package which was suposed to be left 1,6km total. But guess training is training. Today I went for…More

Didnt feel chapter 4 but rest of story

I did not feel chapter 4 in my fingers today but added some chapter ideas instead as my fingers wanted to write them instead. So enjoy that if you want to read along. Some of you might feel you know the story already as it is a bit like an old version of my ideas…More

Forgot time because of supernatural

Hello Anyone Just started the tv show supernatural and got caught so much in it that I forgot the time so no part today but will make room for it tomorrow See you soon, thanks for following and have a nice day.More

No part but updated everything else

Hello anyone Today I have no part for you guys but instead I have updated everything else from the world to the people in the story… No names yet but hopefully soon 🙂 so please enjoy it all.More