Beyond Love Existence, Novel

Chapter 10 – Execution – Part 1

As the sun started to raise over the town, it had already become clear for Ling Chang and the others that something was very wrong in the town. Screams was heard everywhere while fire and smoke made it almost impossible to see anything. Ling Chang walked between the two men who had formed like a shield around her as they had no idea of when they would run into some enemy soldiers as it was no longer a chance of if they were found. Every time a scream or a dead body appeared it gave a set in Ling Chang who really had to focus herself not to scream back and blow their cover. “Are we soon at the palace?” Ling Chang whispered to Hui Wen who was in front but even after a while no answer had returned, making Ling Chang pull his cloches which made him turn around and the mix of smoke and seriousness made him look very angry. “What?” he yelled whispering and Ling Chang wished she had not disrupted him but replied “When are we there?” calmly. Hui Wen looked at her before a sudden scream not farm from them, made him push himself against the wall of the burning house, making Ling Chang and Jun Chen followed his movements just in time. In the next three soldier walked past with a death woman hanging in between their arms and only a quick arm from Jun Chen prevented Ling Chang from screaming, letting the men pass in peace at first but Ling Chang felt the rage inside her and before Jun Chen had a chance to hold her back, she had already stepped out in the middle of the road away form the safety of the smoke. “Stop” she yelled while pointed her sword against the soldiers who stopped as told before turning around laughing. “Look a woman, playing with a sword” one of the soldier said while laughing and another replied “Maybe it is her sister” and threw the remains of the death woman against Ling Chang who landed with the face looking directly at her with her bare eye socket. Ling Chang could feel her rage grow inside and the three men walked closer while one of the tried to get a hold on her but in a second Ling Chang moved and the man were now screaming of pain, making the two remaining pulling their swords and attack but Ling Chang was not done. In the next she killed the screaming man, blocked the attacks from the others and killing them too. Jun Chen and Hui Wen stood speechless as Ling Chang cleaned her sword of the blood before Jun Chen walked slow over to her. “Are you alright?” He whispered gentle and Ling Chang looked him and smiled while the rage inside her disappeared quickly before replying “Yes”. Hui Wen also came out form the smoke but he was far from calm and yelled “You have maybe ruined our one chance of saving Jiang Chen and make it out of this town alive” He wanted to yell more but he could see that Ling Chang was close to burst into tears. He took a deep breath and returned to his normal calm self and continued “Sorry, I did not mean that, I just got worried for you… That is all” Ling Chang looked at him with shiny eyes and did not reply but returned her sword to its place by her side.

Beyond Love Existence, Novel

Chapter 9 – Nightmares – Part 1

Ling Chang opens her eyes and screams of pain “Arhhhh” when she suddenly remember where she is and stops instantly. She looks down and except for some big holes in her clothes, there are luckily no blood and she are not covered in snow. She looks around on the white snow while her teeth starts chattered wildly.”What happened, first I am walking alone before suddenly hearing Jun Chen’s voice and in the next I am here at the foot of a mountain with snow everywhere… If I don’t find a place to get warm soon, I will die” she thinks to herself but still her voice sings in her ears.

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Beyond Love Existence, Novel

Chapter 8 – Letters from home – Part 1 – New

Ling Chang opened her eyes with a set and before she had been awake long enough to think a single thought, she were already at her door with the sword pulled and ready to strike because of the yelling and noise coming outside. She slowly opened the door and as she finally managed to peak out, she noticed that it was just Jun Chen and Hui Wen who was yelling at each other near their rooms and the yelling was so high it was just noise in Ling Chang’s ears so she went back to her bed and place the sword before getting dressed while watching the sun raising. “I wonder what they are yelling about this early in the morning” She asked her parents when it were time to pray before it hit her, she had been naked in plain sight of Jun Chen so whatever they were yelling about at this hour it sure was important. She returning to her own silence which made the world feel like two and it scared her a bit that they were able to be so angry. As she decide to walk outside her room to get some breakfast the yelling had moved to her door and she had suddenly arrived in the middle of the fight between Jun Chen and Hui Wen who is already very angry at each other. “WHY DID YOU HIDE IT FROM ME” Jun Chen yells loudly, not noticing that Ling Chang has awaken and is right in the middle of it. “I HAVE MY REASONS” Hui Wen yells back leaving Ling Chang almost deaf for a moment

Beyond Love Existence, Novel

Chapter 8 – Letters from home – Part 1

Ling Chang wakes up with a set from yelling people outside her room so she quickly get dressed and skip her daily praying to her parents to figure out what is happening. As she gets outside, she arrives in the middle of a fight between Jun Chen and Hui Wen who is already very angry at each other. “WHY DID YOU HIDE IT FROM ME” Jun Chen yells loudly, not noticing that Ling Chang has awaken and is right in the middle of it. “I HAVE MY REASONS” Hui Wen yells back leaving Ling Chang almost deaf for a moment and she tries to get their focus but they are blinded by rage and continues yelling so Ling Chang tries to block the sounds instead. “WHAT REASONS COULD BE BETTER THAN TELLING ME THE TRUTH” Jun Chen yells while Hui Wen just look at him trying to control his anger but yells back “YOU WOULD NOT UNDERSTAND” Ling Chang still don’t understand what have happen doing the night and starts to worry about that her training is the problem that has started the yelling so she quickly start eating some breakfast as she has to make them stop yelling at each other. Ling Chang eats quickly and the last bite is only gone when she walks back to Hui Wen and Jun Chen who still yells at each other. “Please stop fighting” Ling Chang says with a calm voice while trying to get Jun Chen to focus on her instead of Hui Wen but he is lost in anger. “Please, Please, Please stop” Ling Chang tries again this time at Hui Wen but even he is tried to control his anger, he is still too far in it for her to get him back. Ling Chang gives up and with tears in her eyes she suddenly notice a white pidgin standing on a piece of paper not far from the fight, not caring much about it. Ling Chang dries her eyes and walk slowly against the pidgin so it won’t fly away but the pidgin does not care about her either so when she finally reach the bird it is still seating calmly. She takes the pidgin up and starts petting it to reach the paper underneath and it goes smoothly. Ling Chang looks at the paper and reads it “Emperor, travel, execution, Funanai” it says. At first Ling Chang does not understand the meaning of the words but as she close her eyes the words comes alive and starts becoming some kind of dream blocking all sounds of Jun Chen and Hui Wen yelling.

Suddenly she is back at the palace, it is destroyed but Hui Wen, Jun Chen and emperor Jiang Chen is there too. They are trying to escape the palace through a hallway and suddenly explosion cuts spilts them from emperor Jiang Chen and they are leaving him in the mess of bricks and wood. Before Ling Chang can do anything, she is suddenly the world around her is black and she feels a pain in her left leg while a horse or something carries her. Ling Chang wants to scream of pain but before she is able to she is laying with her head on some wood and it is not her bed as she is laying in and finally she becomes a bird flying around above the town Funanai and she is watching Jun Chen and Hui Wen still yelling at each other before all becomes dark and the yelling returns.

Ling Chang feels tears running down form her eyes and starts to scream in a mix of pain and fear of what she had seen. Nothing happens and when she turns around she sees that Jun Chen and Hui Wen is still busy with their augment and yelling that. A mixed feeling of hate, love and fear rushes over her and she feels like no one cares about her anymore so she makes a decision to leave the place.

Beyond Love Existence, Novel

Chapter 7 – Love & training – Part 1

It was a grey morning with no sun and no rain either but Ling Chang work up with a smile as yesterday evening had the bandages on her hands been changed a last time and Hui Wen had decided to train her as she had not entered her rage mood. It was also time for them to be alone again as the sword training meant that Ling Chang would not have time for the woman teaching by Fen. Fen had almost become part of the family so Ling Chang was going to miss her even that Fen didn’t even know their real names or identities but she could not wait to return to her real life. Ling Chang got dressed before praying for a good day at her family dragon before heading out of the house were Hui Wen and Jun Chen as always was training. Ling Chang smiled to both of them and started to eat her breakfast when Hui Wen walked over to her. “Let me see your hands” Hui Wen said quickly and Ling Chang stopped her eating and held them out in the open so Hui Wen could watch them. He slowly removed the white bandages and a pair of beautiful hands appeared, no scares or any other signs of the injury. “They look fantastic, guess you are ready to begin your training” Hui Wen said smiling and Ling Chang hugged him while replying full of joy “Thank you, Hui Wen” before returning to her breakfast. “When you are done breakfast I want you to go pick up your sword so we can get started right away” Hui Wen said with the biggest smile on his face in a long time. Ling Chang quickly finished her breakfast and almost fell over the chair when trying to run inside to get the sword. As she entered her room, she placed her hand on the dragon and this time the pray was far form silence “Today, I will learn how to fight and soon I will be able to revenge you” Ling Chang said with a certain voice before grasping the sword and ran outside again with a big smile.

Beyond Love Existence, Novel

Chapter 6 – A new home – Part 1

Ling Chang opened her eyes as the heat from the sun became too much for her and the first she noticed was that she were inside a house and there were no sight of either Hui Wen or Jun Chen. She decided to get out of the bed but an unknown voice appeared out of the blue “They are afraid of you, they are scared of you” and she decide to lay still in the bed while figuring out where her sword was. “You cannot hide for me as I am inside you… Some people say they have a guardian angel, most of them are lies but I am yours and you are mine” the voice continued “Who are you?” Ling Chang yelled loudly and the voice disappear just as Jun Chen came running inside the room with his sword pulled and ready to fight. “Who is who?” Jun Chen yelled but the room was empty except for him and Ling Chang. Ling Chang looked around but did not find the source of the voice so she decide to lie. “Sorry for scaring you, just an nightmare” Ling Chang said trying to sound calm and scared on the same time. Jun Chen lowed his sword and soon it was back in place. “What is the last you remember?” Jun Chen asked sounding very embarrassed about something. Ling Chang looked at him weird and started to play her hair when she felt the bandages, making her face turn sad. “I remember we were in my town and we talked about dragons before I found my parents but after that I don’t remember much” Ling Chang replied him with a voice of sorrow as she had an idea about what had happen. Jun Chen wanted to answer her but his tongue started twisting and no words came to him. “I did it again, didn’t I?” Ling Chang asked while looking directly at Jun Chen who managed to get control of himself and reply “Yes” and the tone made Ling Chang knew instantly what had happen. “I attacked you and Hui Wen, didn’t I?” Ling Chang asked trying to sound sad of the events even it were a bit hard when she did not remember doing it. Jun Chen did not answer but nodded before started to leave the room again. Ling Chang looked down in the bed as she was sad because of the bad things she had done. What was the point of helping people when the rage could also make her attack those she cared about Ling Chang thought to herself before her belly started to rumble. She wanted to yell to Jun Chen but he had already appeared in the door again with some bread and walked over to her. Ling Chang did not know what to say as she thought he had left the room because he were scared of her. “Here, thought you were hungry after sleeping the entire night with only breakfast yesterday” Jun Chen said with a calm voice and Ling Chang smiled a bit before she replied with a bit sad voice “Sorry for attacking you” Jun Chen looked at her bandages and replied “I am not sure what is wrong with you or how I can help but I will do anything I can and I am sure Hui Wen will too beside I am sorry for knocking you out” Ling Chang laughed a bit of his last part about knocking her out. “What about my parents?” Ling Chang managed to say while eating the bread. “We hurried them as we worried that you might rage if we didn’t do it” Jun Chen replied.

Beyond Love Existence, Novel

Chapter 5 – Escape – Part 1

Another arrow flew thought the air and hit the tree next to them. “Hurry now boy, or we will be death before we reach the forest” Hui Wen yelled loudly while ridding faster and protecting Jun Chen on the same time. Jun Chen looked back and watched as more and more people came running from the palace and he wondered what he could do about it but in the end there was not much else than to run right now if he wanted to rule it after his father. “Focus on the present and not the past” Hui Wen yelled from his position while another arrow made a close call. Luckily the bad weather made it hard to aim or they would have been in trouble long ago. “I know it is hard to leave it behind, but I promise you that we will return stronger than before and revenge your father” Hui Wen continued and this time Jun Chen started looking the right way and started ridding faster. The screams had started to become lower and less frequently but that did not mean much as the town was one big mess of fires and death people. A new wave of arrows flew around them and one made tear in Jun Chen left shoulder but he were to focused on getting away now that he did not notice it.