Slowly but steady

Today I have added another chapter part and as I said yesterday I have reach 60.000 words which is so awesome 🙂 When I started writing it this year I did not expect that 7 months later I would have reached 60.000 words and 10 chapters after I have tried to write it so many…More

60.000 words reached

I am still writing the latest chapter part yet but the way the writing is going I am sure to hit 60.000 words today so wanted to give it as a little taste before my part will be ready later. So only 24000 words before I have reached my goal I know I have never…More

Final part of Chapter 9 + 50.000 words

Today I have finished chapter 9 and because of the length of it I have reach 50.000 words or 51500 words to be precise. Feels good to reach so far in a novel and I am glad to share it with you guys. I will add the complete chapter to the places after this post…More

First part of Chapter 8 + 40.000 words

I have already added today’s part, I might write more if my fingers and mind goes crazy again but for now I need a break. The main reason of this post is just to tell that I have now reached 40.000 words and I know for sure I have never reached to many before so…More

30.000 words, A sequel will come

I have reached 30.000 words now and I really feel this is my time to write the novel as I have never written that much in my entire life. Because it is going so well I have decide to add a sequel even that the main characters dies in this one. I am not sure…More

20.000 words, another chapter

I know I gave you two parts today but when I was done the first part I had plans for other things but my fingers wanted to do more so I continued after a small break. Suddenly before I knew it I was done chapter 4, which you can find over on the book page…More

10.000 words

Today I just want to relax my head celebrate that I have written 10000 words as this is the first time I think I have reached that far. I might have some of the other times in total but I kept rewriting that and this time it is all is parts and no rewrites.More