Iron Gates part 2

My eyelids has opened once more, but my world has changed as I was saved by evil

The people against me, think they have turned me into another of their disciple and that I am now fighting for their cause

The people against me, forgets that you only need one thing to clean things, which is water

I am crying now and slowly the evil world is turning into my world again and it looks better than ever before giving me strength to what I have to do next

I have become a wolf in sheep’s clothing as they tampered with my mind and tried to remove all my colors

They forgot one, for which I am grateful, as now I will blow up their center of power so the world can be a better for you while my eyelids hopefully will stay closed this time.

Written by Jesper Christiansen, 16 May 2021

Iron Gates

My eyelids are heavy as iron gates trying to hold evil out but my eyelids are not blocked things out but keeping me from seeing the world as it is.

I know I am not seeing the same world as you as if you did you would try to change it like I want to, but cannot because my voice is small.

I tried whispering, talking, calling, yelling but no one heard me so now I am afraid that if I close my eyelids I will forget the world and become one of the workers.

I want to tell you what I see, but you would not understand and I do not have enough time to explain everything.

My eyes are closing now maybe for the last time as I know there is people trying to stop me and pull a gun against my head to either blow my brain out or brainwash me into believing that the world is a great place.

I am heading for the bridge as I do not want them to get a chance to change my view of the world so while I am just a human in a big world that only i understand completely then I rather died at my own hand than others even it means my pain will try to stop me.

They say I am the weird one while they are the normal ones just because I see the notes that leaves the belly of a bird and the rain drops making a flower red.

I can feel my eyelids fighting to stay up for the last series of seconds but I will hit the water and closed my eyes for the last time and let the iron gates close for never.

Written by Jesper Christiansen, 2 May 2021

One of those days

Painting by Reddit user: Zeitbauer which is the main source of story

I am one of those guys who people have been called a nerd for centuries but one of those days that always happens in comics happened to me. I did not become a superhero or super villain, I became a God and no it was not that I got unlimited power and such things, I just became the god of entire spices of aliens. So what did I do? Well you see as a nerd I always loved space and for some reason the moon is very close to my heart, maybe because my father died trying to reach it and my mom died right after my birth doing a full moon in November. Sorry for the side spring but really want to let you know anything about me before I will tell you what happened. What I did was just what I did normally watching the moon thought my telescope but this day the moon had changed as a big black pyramid had appeared on the moon surface near the place Neil and Buzz had landed many years before. Before I could say something a beam appeared from the pyramid and I suddenly became blind for minutes while also feeling the temperature raise around me. I do not remember how long I was blind but a soft voice in a language, I did not understand, said something and my blindness was gone. I was about to scream when I watched where the voice came from as it was scary and easy looking on the same time. The thing tried to say something again but I shock my head as I still did not understand the words but in the end the thing gave me a little round object and pointed at my ear. I doubted the thing for a moment but decide to follow the command and the round object turned into one of those headset you wear when playing games. The thing said something again. “Welcome to Trycasin, stranger… we have expected you for many years” at first I was like this is just a dream so I pinched myself but surely enough I was awake and when I looked around I noticed that I was no longer on earth or for that matter the moon but inside a pyramid like the other. I asked the thing why they had expected me when I was just a simple man from earth and there were millions of people who was better than me. The stranger smiled at me and replied “I may not know you and you may not speak or understand our language yet, but your father is here and he is waiting for you” The part of my father gave me a set and I was almost speechless and the stranger smiled and continued “Did you really think your father died in attempt to reach the moon, no he was trying to get help from our army” I was still speechless as my father was just a simple man like me except he had the chance to fly to the moon as an astronaut. But… But… I managed to say before suddenly my father stood right in front of me and took over the speaking for me “Welcome home, son… You cannot believe how much I have missed you and how much I need you” I hugged my father and tears started to fall to the ground before I finally managed to say something I missed you too father, but what do you need me for. and only seconds after my words had left my mouth my father started talking about a lot things about a war between us and the humans before ended it all with “You are the key to the pyramid” and suddenly we was on the moon, near the pyramid which had sent me to Trycasin in the first place. I looked around and noticed the landing module from Apollo 11 was still standing like it had done since the landing. “We need to destroy the world now and I want you to join me as God of the new world we will create in its place” my father said. I felt weird about destroying our ‘home’ but knew I could not fail my father so I walked with him into the pyramid and the electronics around us turned on for each step closer I got to the center before we came to the main controls. “Place your hand on the panel there, and let us reset planet earth so it is once more can be a place of peace and harmony.” I did not even think and place my hand there but instead firing I became blind once more and felt the heat from as when I was traveling the first time. I heard my father scream and I regained sight just to see him being crushed by a computer. I wanted to help him but a voice inside me told me to stop and I fainted.

Guess that was enough of my back story as I am now reawaken and I am no longer the simple nerd from before but full of all the energy from the weapon that killed my father and maybe saved the human world. I can use the energy as I pleases so let the future tell if I was a good or an evil God.

The blind Passenger

“See you tomorrow, Andy” Was the last thing Andy heard as he plugged in some music to enjoy the silence after a rough day at work. He was seating in the train like always and the rain was washing the window as the scenery started to fly faster past him. What a lovely weather he though sarcastic as he closed his eyes to focus on the music to keep the world out. “Tickets” the train conductor yells out awaking Andy from his short sleep. “Here” Andy says tried as he pulls out a plastic card with the ticket on and the conductor checks before a tiny beep reveals the ticket has been check and Andy is about to go back to his world when his eyes catches a young boy with some weird electronic equipment seating the chairs in front of him which stops him from returning to sleep. “What do you have there, young boy?” Andy ask without caring much about the boy as looks at the electronic device which appears as a pair of glasses of some short. “You mean this?” The boy hold up the glasses with as a smile appears on his face. “Yes, what is it?” Andy ask as he packs away his music and ticket. “It is the new ZOULI” the young boys says proudly “Want to try” he continues without giving Andy a chance to answer. “Yes” it flew out of Andy’s mouth who is so surprised that he does not even notice that his ticket card hits the ground instead of his bag. The young boy hands over the ZOULI and says “you can play if you like but it will cost your soul” before starting to laugh and Andy hands over some notes of money to which the boy just shakes her head and replies “You have already paid, so please take on the headset now and I will start a level for you” Andy looks confused but decides to put the money back in his pocket. “So what is the controls?” Andy asks as he starts putting on the glasses. “Just move around without taking steps and the game will move you like that” the young boy replies as Andy finishes up. A white flash appears between the glasses and Andy’s eyes and in the next Andy hears the train automatic voice speech “Next stop High Count” and “Sorry kid, that is my stop” Andy says as he tries to get the glasses of but as he reach for his face no glasses is there and confused he looks out the windows and no glasses is seen. He looks around and notices that he is completely alone in the train. “What is going on?” Andy says to himself as he starts walking down between the chair. Is it part of the game? Andy thinks when suddenly a lightning lights up the place and a dark man with scythe appears. “I am here, to collect your payment” The dark man says as the thunder follows the thunder. Andy starts laughing, “This is so bad made, even for ZOULI” and suddenly the dark man appears even closer “Your soul, please” and Andy can feel his breath against his skin and a lightning follows.

Back in the train is the young boy all alone as the train reaches the last stop on the way. He walks out different and as he is about to exit the door, the train conductor stops him. “Young boy, you dropped this” and has him a ticket card. The boy smiles “Ahh, thanks” he says and takes it and continues out the door as lightning crosses the sky surrounding them in darkness as the train conductor falls to the floor and the boy just smiles and continues out in the darkness

Written by Jesper Christiansen, 6. October 2020

The virus

Year 2023 Day 4

Latest news, please stay inside to prevent the spreed or we will all perish soon… for god and your love ones please stay inside. The news reporters repeats for about 20 times a day 

“I am not going to last anymore if I don’t take the chance” I thought to myself “I am all alone already so what more can they take away from me” I continued thinking as I got dressed and prepared myself for the outside. I pulled my gun and checked it, I only had 5 shorts left and I had to make those count. I opened the door and started walking into the sun while the streets was empty except for the fallen leafs. 

I started walking against the mall, hoping that someone had left some food behind before they all had rushed away leaving me in a coma with no chance of waking up. 

My life had been great like everybody else before my accident, cannot remember what happen exactly but I had a beautiful wife and a sweet daughter. I hope I find them or they find me sometime but nothing had showed anything alive here except me.

I reached the mall and started searching the store for food and as always there were some cans left, guess the past world did not like canned food but as it was the only food still fresh I had to eat it and even it was the 3rd time this week with fake turtle soup I eat it like nothing had happen.

I walked into the remains of an old Gamestop and looked at a few games when the sound of helicopter flying over the mall caught my attention. I wondered a few seconds if I should stay hidden or let them find me but my mind was already set, I have find the chopper so I can join my family if they are still alive. I dropped the can with food and the games before running out of the mall where the helicopter had already landed and a woman who looked like my wife stood a few steps form it.

“Honey, I am here” I started yelling but my joy quickly turned to fear as four men in hazmat suits appeared behind her and before I got move a small feathered arrow hit my hip making me fall directly to the ground and soon I was surrounded by the men. “Target secured” One of the men said and I did not understood a single thing, and even that I was dizzy I tried to reach for my wife but just as my eyes closed I heard her “The virus have eliminated all as planned, ready to phase 2”


Written by Jesper Christiansen, 27 April 2020

The darkness

Year 2746 day 263

The world economy has crashed and there are only two classes of people, the super rich and powerful people in one end and the poor ad paid lowlife like Andy. Andy opened his eyes and quickly an ad started playing above his left air like any other day but today Andy was smiling to himself which had not happen often the 28 years of his ad paid lowlife. “Only 8 hours more of this madness” he thought to himself while an ad for painkiller played. “Today I am going to become free of the ads” he continued his thought while the ad tried to play something for him. He got dressed and eat some breakfast before heading for work so he could earn the last money for the laser job that would change his life. As he arrived to the subway station a few sexy girls stood next to him and even he tried his best not to watch them, ads for the breasts implants and sex toys started to cover his sight, making it almost impossible for him to see anything else. He managed to step on the train before it flew away but the girls was already laughing of him as they knew what had happen. He closed his eyes and the ads disappaired for a moment but even in the darkness, he were not alone. “Don’t do it” a red flaming text said and the text surprised him so much that he landed between the first girl big breasts. “Look what you are doing” she yelled loud and a police officer nearby started to walk against Andy. “Sorry” he manage to say before almost jumping off the train as he were at the office.

He walked inside the office and placed himself in front of his computer and started working while he tried figure out what ad would have such red text but just as he were working the best it suddenly happen again “Don’t do it” and this time his computer broke down. “Am I turning crazy?” he thought to himself and decide to leave the place before more events happening.

He walked around on the street before he suddenly got the idea of walking over to the laser job to get it done but the red text appeared again “Please don’t do it” and he fainted.

He opened his eyes and noticed that he were front of the laser place and decide to walk inside. A funny looking woman was greeting him and he smiled back. “I will be here, when you get out” she said, making him confused as there were still a few hours to his time for the laser job was there but a male in a white coat arrived before he could ask the woman any questions. “We have time for you now, Andy” and together, they walked inside the room with a big machine and bed. “Lay down on the bed with your head down and eyes closed. I will return when the job is done” the man said before leaving the room and Andy did as told.

He had not been laying for many seconds before he felt a warmth in his eyes. The warmth lasted a few seconds before disappearing just as quickly. “Open your eyes” the man said and Andy did as told and he started to look around but he all he could see were darkness. “Where? Where? Where?” he repeated and he felt the hands from the man on his shoulders. “did you really think that an ad paid lowlife like yourself would ever get the chance of being free?” the man said laughing and threw Andy to the ground. A woman voice appeared “You should have followed the text, now you can either roam the earth blind and die of hunger or kill yourself now” He felt an gun become placed in his hand and he could feel the hunger in his belly commanding him to do the only thing. He pointed the gun at his head and pulled the tricker.

Game Over!?

Written by Jesper Christiansen, 17 March 2020