One of those days

I am one of those guys who people have been called a nerd for centuries but one of those days that always happens in comics happened to me. I did not become a superhero or super villain, I became a God and no it was not that I got unlimited power and such things, I…More

The blind Passenger

“See you tomorrow, Andy” Was the last thing Andy heard as he plugged in some music to enjoy the silence after a rough day at work. He was seating in the train like always and the rain was washing the window as the scenery started to fly faster past him. What a lovely weather he…More

The virus

Year 2023 Day 4 Latest news, please stay inside to prevent the spreed or we will all perish soon… for god and your love ones please stay inside. The news reporters repeats for about 20 times a day  “I am not going to last anymore if I don’t take the chance” I thought to myself…More

The darkness

Year 2746 day 263 The world economy has crashed and there are only two classes of people, the super rich and powerful people in one end and the poor ad paid lowlife like Andy. Andy opened his eyes and quickly an ad started playing above his left air like any other day but today Andy…More