Software review of Infuse


Paid review: No (Standard)

Name: Infuse
Developer: FireCore
Version: 6.5.2
Platforms: iOS, TvOS, Romours about a future MacOS
Price: Free to download and use but if you want it all it is either a subscription at $0.99 for monthly, Yearly $9.99 Infuse Pro or Lifetime $59.99

The app is a movie player which packs everything you need from downloading of the movie from your NAS, showing them no matter what format you pick, and it just works. My old NAS is too old to run Plex anymore so was thinking about getting a new one but this awesome software shows me all the meta data about my movies and TV-shows and it is no longer feeling slow. The only 2 small minus I have is one you cannot play your music but I use Apple Music now so do not care and two you cannot edit you own data inside the app which sometimes annoy me by showing Russian covers for my movies when the movie is English. I use it very often as I am a big movie freak and it offers to tell you what you have seen and everything. So super awesome movie player, the step after VLC which I also used before.

Famous last words: If your movies is on a NAS which is too slow for plex (another great steaming software of own media) then use this for your devices and if Mac version is coming soon it is going to me player of players

Software review of Usage


Paid review: No (Standard)

Name: Usage
Developer: Oleh Stasula
Version: 4.7.0
Platforms: iOS
Price: Free to download but $2.99 for the pro version which allow you to compare iPhones and amounts various tips.

The app is a pretty simple app as it a way to see anything you ever wanted to know about your phone. It shows you your network where it tracks your uses and you can set a limit so you know when you are getting lost without data if you do not have unlimited. It also checks network connection, speeds and everything else you want to know about your network. Check your Memory allocation and Storage usage too which is just as simple so you can always see it inside the app as the network. It also have have Battery Status in case you want some better look than the one in your menu bar. It can tell you everything about your phone better than yourself and if you ever want to compare to the latest iPhone or iPad look no further and check inside the app too. As all apps updated to iOS 14, it also have widgets and I am mainly using it network as I love to follow how much data I use but all the things I mention can be seen as widget but remember they are not update as much as the old widgets. The last thing you can do is that the design is very very much up to you so if you want blue icon and red widgets you can do that. So all in all a complete app in my mind, that gets better and better which each update.

Famous last words: Check out your phone before it check you out with no ads or subscriptions at a low price of $2.99

Software review of Paper


Paid review: No (Standard)

Name: Paper
Developer: Mihhail Lapushkin
Version: 1.11 (iOS) 2.28 (MacOS)
Platforms: iOS, MacOS
Price: Free to download and use but if you want it all, it cost a one time fee of 49.99usd for MacOS, $8.99 for iPhone and $17.99 for iPad

The app is a super simple writing app where you pick a place to save your files (iCloud Drive for sync) and then you just start writing. It is using markdown which is a coding syntax which makes things easy to do without making your focus on the bling everywhere. This is one of the things I love as I love simple things and I recently switched over to it from Ulysses so now I am writing my novel there. I want to say a lot of things about it but it is so simple that I just will shut up and let you enjoy it yourself. It comes in black and white lol.

Famous last words: if simple + writing = you will love paper

Software review of Headspace


Paid review: No (Standard)

Name: Headspace: Meditation & Sleep
Developer: Headspace Inc.
Version: 3.125.0 on iOS (requires iOS 12.0)
Platforms: iOS, Android and web
Price: 12,99usd a month or 69,99usd a year.

Now that we have the boring part of the review out of the way I would like to features. What better way to do that other than that to show you some exceptional photos from inside the app I kidnapped from their website.

I use the app daily every morning and I am trying to make myself use it for sleeping too. So far I have 411 days in a row and it could be a lot higher if I have focused 100%

Famous last words: buy it now or regret it later and it the price it is a steal on what it does to your mind.

Software review of Slowly


Paid review: No (Standard)

Name: Slowly
Developer: Slowly Communications Ltd.
Version: 6.2.11
Platforms: iOS, Android, Web
Price: Free to download and use all you want but if you want to support them it cost $42.99 a year, while you also can buy coins to buy new stamps.

The app take a place in my heart and I have only used it for a few days which is very rare for an app. The app is a way of finding penpals and now I know some of you think penpals is expensive and no one sends letters anymore. Wrong, this app named slowly is penpals made digital so you send letters as mails but instead of being instant like messenger and other digital services this takes longer depending on how far away you are. The app is free to use all you want, but if you want to support them you can do so and get dubble up at all features like number of freinds and few settings. It also have a web version but that is a bit like runing whatsapp in a browser so far I have understood so far but still great to have. You are also having lots of settings to decide what to talk about and not to talk about or what sex you want to contact. All in all this is making a great app that I cannot wait to support and use even more.

Famous last words: Penpals made digital

Software review of Drops & Scripts


Paid review: No (Standard)

Name: Drops & Scrips
Developer: PLANB LABS OU
Version: 35.7 for Drops and 8.4 for Scripts on iOS 8.4
Platforms: iOS, Android and web
Price: 10usd a month or 69,99usd a year.

The apps are very simple to learn and use as they are very finger freindly but lets us start with drops:


Drops works by you pick a language and a subject you want to learn and then the words drops one by one and quickly you have a few words to play with. You can decide if you want to learn the word or not and it work simple like the rest. The words you want to learn show ups in different ways, from spelling to picking between other words.


Scrips starts the same but instead of seeing the signs you get to play with them yourself and that works too so lots of differernt drawing and which works good too. It is a bit hard to remember them but guess I learn it slowly.

I use the apps daily every morning in the train and I am trying to learn Chinsese and have tried Tagalog before

Famous last words: if you want an easy way to learn languages then you found the right place

Software review of Remembear


Paid review: No (Standard)

Name: Remembear
Developer: TunnelBear LLC
Version: 1.4.16
Platforms: Everywhere
Price: Free to download and use all you want but if you want it sync it cost $35.99 a year or $5.99 a month

The app is a service for you to easy keep control of all your passwords, credit cards and notes. I use it for all my passwords, my credit cards and the notes I use to remember all my license codes. It is a super simple app so you just login and then you just add what you want. It can also save passwords automatical and autofill. I do not know what else to say as it is super simple and just works. It is by the creators of Tunnelbear.

Screenshots coming soon

Famous last words: Simple and secure password manager, get it before you get hack

Software review of Apollo


Paid review: No (Standard)

Name: Apollo for Reddit
Developer: Christian Selig former Apple employee
Version: 1.10.3 on iOS (requires iOS 12.0)
Platforms: iOS
Price: Free to download and use but if you want extra features and cool stuff check the prices in the pictures bellow

This app is the best app there is for Reddit and it is so very awesome in every aspect and I use it daily when checking Reddit, almost better than watching it from a laptop or computer. I only have 2 minor issues and do not know if it possible to add. The first thing is that I wish I could sync my favorite subreddits between the web and the Apollo app and second I wish I could jump between pictures and gifs instead of close and open a new one. Other than that I cannot praise it enough. It got everything you expect for an Apple App and more.

Famous last words: Download it now as it is an awesome app for reddit and way better than the official one and buy the pro and ultra too as the creator is doing an awesome job.

Reviews every Thursday

Hello Anyone

Starting today, I will review something every Thursday. I am about to write the first one as I am writing this, but for now you can check out the page where they will arrive. I hope you will enjoy them as unless I write otherwise, brought by myself and written by my mind. I have made them before but felt they took too much of my time, I tried to make my novels but will return now, anyway. I do not know if I get my fingers started on my novel again today as I have a few things to prepare for scouting too.

See you soon, thanks for following and have a nice day.