New story page

Today was supossed to be another day for me and holiday but decided to update my story page a bit so it looks better and is easier to figure out. I am also doing new under pages with info but some of them is not completly ready so if you see a “Not Ready Yet”…More

No review but updated book

Today I have no review as I do not know what to review but instead I have update my ideas a bit so now you can read idea even longer if you want. I have also gotten an awesome cover for my book from David Aragón which you can already find on the story page…More

New chapters

Today I have not written on the story but I have still thought about the future about my story and I am now ready to present some of the future story or rather the chapter names for it. I have already gotten ideas for 8 more chapters and also having ideas for things happening later…More

The idea is growing

Hello anyone I have not a part for you today’s I am sorry if you was expecting that. Instead I have thought hard about my story and I love it but I am not making it a ‘real’ book anymore. I am thinking that I will write the story as daily parts instead and every…More

Another add is up

New design as I felt like it and another part is up so enjoy… Btw do you guys want it like the old days instead news of parts like now? I cannot promise if I will rewrite the story once more after this so do not know myself.More

Chapter 3 update + new goal

I have added some more to chapter 3, guess nothing new about that as I try to do that often. I have switched back to Ulysses from Apple Pages as I felt I lost too much focus in Apple Pages and Ulysses can help with that plus keeping track of all my notes and such.…More

Chapter 3 update + Cover

Today I have added around 600 words to chapter 3 so all is going great there plus my friend and designer is doing a great job at the front cover. Soon I will have 3 covers to present and then you can help me pick which one you prefer as the front cover for my…More

Added a very small part

Just wanna say I added a very very small part to chapter 3 but hope to do more tomorrow as I was so sleepy today and finally had a good night sleepMore

Chapter 3 updated + movies

I know I said my head was tired and dazed but after watch Alien and Try Seventeen, my head felt better and decided not to waste the remaining evening so I have update chapter 3. Try Seventeen is now one of my favorite films as it is about love and how to live in the…More

Chapter 3 is started

I feel better today so have already added about 300 words to chapter 3’s 2. draft, and I have also published it here instead of the 1. draft in case you want to read it. Now I will go back to my cleaning as soon I will spend time with a friend and I hope…More

Chapter 2 is done

Today I have finished chapter 2 2. draft, so now it only miss the names like chapter 1. What surprise me the most is that I am now at 9623 words for chapter 2 instead of 6011 words so feels amazing 🙂 and that is without names so it is crazy too. I wonder what…More

Chapter 2 got more

Today I have been busy but added some more to chapter 2 so enjoy, maybe it will be the only part you get today as I am crazy about the new Crash Bandicoot gameMore

Chapter 2 update + chapter names

My mind has been busy today as I have added more to chapter 2 as expected and it is already almost 1000 words longer than original and that is without names yet so that is awesome. I have also changed the names of a few of the chapters which I feel is better than the…More

Slowly but steady

Today I have added another chapter 2 part and it is feel amazing as soon I am in the action of chapter 2 and cannot wait to show you the new part. I have also gotten a new chapter cover from my good friend David but will wait a bit to add it as my…More