Chapter 2 update + more

Today I have added another 2000 words to chapter 2 so things are looking pretty good. I have also spelled checked copyright, foreword and map so lots of things have happened once again. Now my fingers and head need a rest but hope to be back tomorrow. Plus I have made my Trello more understandable.More

Chapter 2 update + much more

Today and yesterday I have cleaned up my website and it took a while longer than I expected so did not manged to write all of chapter 2 as planned buy has updated it some more. I have cleaned my tags and categories while also updated my covers as I found out I had given…More

Trello Board & World up

Today my mind is ready to write again so have published a map over the world plus a bit of description of it. The map is made by Jonathan Happ, after an idea I got for my world, but I have change the story a lot since then so had to change the map a…More