Many of the covers are all made by a very good friend name David Aragón who is from Mexico and he is very talented with his comics and animation. Check it out at his Patreon as I am sure, you will enjoy them as they are the best from a normal super hero story and then changed them a bit to make all the heros seem like Deadpool.

Thanks a lot.


Jonathan Happ has created the map after an idea I got for my world, but I have changed the story a lot since so had to change the map a bit too, I hope I did not make him angry because of that as I have not had time to tell him. Check out his websites and maybe he can make something for you too.

Thanks a lot.


Chi Jui Chang aka Claire Chang from Taiwan are the sweet friend who has helped me create the characters’ names for my story.

Thanks a lot.

Software & services

I have used quiet a few things over the years to try write my story so just want to thank them too. So below is a list of those software & services who have helped me so far. (Not updated so much but will do soon)

Paper – my writer app at the moment
WordPress – my blog and website is all wordpress

Thanks a lot.