The blind Passenger

“See you tomorrow, Andy” Was the last thing Andy heard as he plugged in some music to enjoy the silence after a rough day at work. He was seating in the train like always and the rain was washing the window as the scenery started to fly faster past him. What a lovely weather he though sarcastic as he closed his eyes to focus on the music to keep the world out. “Tickets” the train conductor yells out awaking Andy from his short sleep. “Here” Andy says tried as he pulls out a plastic card with the ticket on and the conductor checks before a tiny beep reveals the ticket has been check and Andy is about to go back to his world when his eyes catches a young boy with some weird electronic equipment seating the chairs in front of him which stops him from returning to sleep. “What do you have there, young boy?” Andy ask without caring much about the boy as looks at the electronic device which appears as a pair of glasses of some short. “You mean this?” The boy hold up the glasses with as a smile appears on his face. “Yes, what is it?” Andy ask as he packs away his music and ticket. “It is the new ZOULI” the young boys says proudly “Want to try” he continues without giving Andy a chance to answer. “Yes” it flew out of Andy’s mouth who is so surprised that he does not even notice that his ticket card hits the ground instead of his bag. The young boy hands over the ZOULI and says “you can play if you like but it will cost your soul” before starting to laugh and Andy hands over some notes of money to which the boy just shakes her head and replies “You have already paid, so please take on the headset now and I will start a level for you” Andy looks confused but decides to put the money back in his pocket. “So what is the controls?” Andy asks as he starts putting on the glasses. “Just move around without taking steps and the game will move you like that” the young boy replies as Andy finishes up. A white flash appears between the glasses and Andy’s eyes and in the next Andy hears the train automatic voice speech “Next stop High Count” and “Sorry kid, that is my stop” Andy says as he tries to get the glasses of but as he reach for his face no glasses is there and confused he looks out the windows and no glasses is seen. He looks around and notices that he is completely alone in the train. “What is going on?” Andy says to himself as he starts walking down between the chair. Is it part of the game? Andy thinks when suddenly a lightning lights up the place and a dark man with scythe appears. “I am here, to collect your payment” The dark man says as the thunder follows the thunder. Andy starts laughing, “This is so bad made, even for ZOULI” and suddenly the dark man appears even closer “Your soul, please” and Andy can feel his breath against his skin and a lightning follows.

Back in the train is the young boy all alone as the train reaches the last stop on the way. He walks out different and as he is about to exit the door, the train conductor stops him. “Young boy, you dropped this” and has him a ticket card. The boy smiles “Ahh, thanks” he says and takes it and continues out the door as lightning crosses the sky surrounding them in darkness as the train conductor falls to the floor and the boy just smiles and continues out in the darkness

Written by Jesper Christiansen, 6. October 2020