The religion

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The Xions is like many other people around the world have a religion but different form most other religions, they believe their gods lives on an island in the centre of their kingdom, cut off by the Sea of Dreams. Another major difference between it and other religions is that the Xions do not people their gods to be humans like Jesus and such, but six dragons who rule their own element, which together makes the world and universe.

Each dragon god has their own temple on the isle of gods which were built before a major volcanic eruption 4000 years ago destroyed most of the centre island and create the two islands seen today. Because the temples were the only buildings to survive the entire event which leaved the remaining island as bare lands, people referred it is the isle of gods. To this day, few people have set foot on the island since as it quickly became forbidden and punishable by death. The temples have survived the toll of time and are all still looking like they did when built except for Oryu temple, which is now a ruin even that no one remembers the event that made that happen. The believers of the dragons gods believe that the dragon gods have a humanlike form in peace times, but can quickly transform into a powerful dragon if needed to fight their battles. Some people even say that the dragons lives among us and they are the only ones prevents us from actually destroying ourself for good.

The Xion’s believes Tu is the dragon of the earth and there by the leading God while he has the form of a yellow dragon. The others are the blue dragon Shiu who control the water in its many forms, from the rain in the sky to the wild oceans, the green dragon Mu who controls the nature and helps bring you food from both animals and fruits from the trees. Next in line is the red dragon of fire Huo, who is the strongest after Tu as he has the power of the sun. There is also Jin, the gray dragon of the metal, used to make weapons when needed or make a strong building. The last one is Oryu, who is the only female in the group and has a purple look in her dragon form. She is both banished and in control of the underworld known as the void in the elder texts. The texts do not mention why she is there, but people believe it has something to do with all the knowledge we have while others say it is a result of a forbidden love. The religious text also mentions some elder dragons, but the info about them is very spare so many people do not see them as part of their religion.


Name: Tu
Meaning: Earth
Master of: Life force and control of the earth
Color: Yellow
Age: Older than time itself
Notes: Leader of the dragons
Temple: Temple of earth in the centre of the Isle of Gods
Sex: Male

Name: Shui
Meaning: Water
Master of: Intelligence and control of water
Color: Blue
Age: Older than time itself
Temple: Temple of water in the north of the Isle of Gods
Sex: Male

Name: Huo
Meaning: Metal
Master of: Resistance and control of metal
Color: Gray
Age: Older than time itself
Temple: Temple of metal in the west of the Isle of Gods
Sex: Male

Name: Mu
Meaning: Wood
Master of: Dexterity and control of wood and nature
Color: Green
Age: Older than time itself
Temple: Temple of wood in the east of the Isle of Gods
Sex: Male

Name: Jin
Meaning: Fire
Master of: Strength and control of fire
Color: Red
Age: Older than time itself
Temple: Temple of fire in the south of the Isle of Gods
Sex: Male

Name: Oryu
Meaning: Void
Master of: Death and control of void
Color: Purple
Age: Older than time itself
Temple: Temple of void, a temple ruin, near the temple of earth in the centre of the Isle of Gods
Sex: Female

Elder Dragons

Elder dragon of creation
Name: Jianli
Meaning: Create
Color: Bronze
Age: Older than time itself

Elder dragon of destruction
Name: Pohuai
Meaning: Destroy
Color: Silver
Age: Older than time itself

Elder dragon of time
Name: Shijian
Meaning: Time
Color: Gold
Age: Older than time itself