The world

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The Xion’s Islands

Map of The Xion’s Islands by Jonathan Happ

The story takes place in a world similair to ours but in fictional country named The Xion’s Islands. It is a group of islands south of Japan, while west to the Phillippines and Palau to the east. In accent times it was one islands but a major volcano erruption devided it into two islands now know as the Isle of Gods and the Isle of Man. They are named such as six temples on the Isle of Gods was more or less the only thing surviving the destruction from the volcano erruption while no man in the area survived. The six temples are each placed near their own temples and it is said that six gods are using them as their homes when they are away from the high heavens. The Isle of man on the other hand is 5 towns full of life of people who survived the volcano erruption, there are people living outside the towns but most stays in the towns. Kuzuyama is the captital and was once home of the emperor and his family, now it is second most important town in the country after the harbour town Funanai which is where most of the cargo enters and is sent out of the country. Shinobe is the home town of 000001 and her family as they have lived for generations. Nakashitoro and Kurihoro are towns too who are important to the country, Nakashitoro for its farmland and Kurihoro for its big forest nearby. The Sea of Dreams is the ocean that sorrounds and divides the islands, so man and gods cannot interfear with each other. As technology made it possible to sail to the Isle of Gods, it became forbidden to do such, because the island is now full of rare animal life and the volcanos in the south of the island is still very active, making it also unsafe. To make sure that people only go there in need, it is punishable by death if the army finds you there without reason.

The rest of the world

Nothing special about the rest of the world, but who knows if the story will go to other countries than The Xion’s Islands