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The Xion’s Islands

Map of The Xion’s Islands by Jonathan Happ

The Xion’s islands is a fictional country made up of two islands. To find it on a map, you need to locate Japan, the Philippines and Palau first. You find it at almost the same latitude as the most southern part of the Philippines, and from there you go into the water until you are almost in the centre between the Philippines and Palau.

In accent times it was a one island country but the Xion’s people believe a major volcano eruption which divided the country into two even that some of the most religious people in the country believes it was the work of the dragons gods. The Xion’s people have named the two islands after who walks the area.

The isle of gods is the centre island as after the volcano eruption only the sex temples of the dragon gods survived. These days five of the six temples have survived the toll of time while the last temple has lost the fight even no-one remembers the event which made it fall. Each of the temples is home to one of the dragon gods, even the broken one.

The isle of man is the home of the humans who have lived on the islands for millenniums. People decide to live together in five big towns, of course some preferred the peace of quiet in the nature but most just joined the rest. Kuzuyama is the capital and before the empire became a republic, home to the emperor or empress together with his family. It kept its status as the capital but is no longer the most important town in the country. Funanai is a harbor town and has taken over as the most important town as it is where most of the cargo that enters or leaved the country arrives even it is only accessible from the southern way around the isle of gods. Shinobe is the hometown of Fei-Fan Chang, whose father’s family has lived there for as long as anyone in the family can remember. Nakashitoro and Kurihoro are towns too who are important to the country, Nakashitoro for its farmland and Kurihoro for its big forest nearby.

The Sea of Dreams is the ocean that surrounds and divides the islands, so man and gods cannot interfere with each other. As technology made it possible to sail to the Isle of Gods, it quickly became forbidden to do such, because the island is now full of rare animal life and the volcanos in the island’s south is still very active, making it also unsafe. To make sure that people only go there in need, it is punishable by death if the army finds you there without reason.

The rest of the world

Nothing special about the rest of the world as it is more or less like our own.