The Xion’s Islands

Map of The Xion’s Islands by Jonathan Happ


Long time ago before time itself had ticked the Xion’s Islands was one big island, with lots of people living a good life but one day a mighty volcanic eruption destroyed the island and made it into two islands. The surviving people lived their lives on the edge of the former islands and formed 5 big towns and named it Isle of Man while the centre and now crater from the volcano became the Isle of Gods. 6 Temples on the Isle of Gods managed to more or less survive the destruction and became part of the new religion of the survivors.


The Xion’s Islands is rule by an emperor which decides everything in the kingdom with the help of wise advisors. The emperor and the people are together helping each other, picking the best man for the job as an advisor as even that the emperor is the leader, most emperor’s attempts to be a good and peaceful one. People have loved their emperors for the last 300 years as the country has been peaceful and because of trades become very rich. The emperor’s oldest son is the heir to the throne when his father dies or gets too sick to rule the country, and even young ones have a chance because of all the wise advisors who help him. The normal people are very peaceful as long you are peaceful and not setting foot on their Isle of Gods.


The islands are as said before two major islands surrounded by sea and its nearest countries are Japan to the north, Philippines to the west and Palau to the east. The Sea of Dreams is the ocean that divides the islands. A law has passed that anyone who steps on the Isle of Gods is getting executed. The major towns are Kuzuyama, the capital, and Shinobe, the hometown of 000001. Funanai which is home to the biggest harbour while Nakashitoro and Kurihoro are big towns too.


The Isle of Gods is the center of the Xion’s people’s fate ever since the islands were divided. There are six gods who each a temple on the island, five of them are whole while the sixth temple is partly destroyed. The people believes the gods are humanlike but can transform into a dragon if needed to fight their battles. Tu is the leading God as he controls everything that has to do with the earth and has the form of a yellow dragon. The others are the blue dragon Shiu who control the water in its many forms, from the rain in the sky to the wild oceans, the green dragon Mu who controls the nature and helps bring you food from both animals and fruits from the trees. Next in line is the red dragon of fire Huo, who is the strongest after Tu as he has the power of the sun. There is also Jin, the gray dragon of the metal, used to make weapons when needed or make a strong building. The last one is Oryu, who is the only female in the group and has a purple look in her dragon form. She controls the underworld after becoming banished there. No one knows why she was banished there, but rumours say it had something to do with our wisdom of everything. Some say that the dragons lives among us and they are the only ones prevents us from destroying the world for good.

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