This is all works so far


Beyond love existence

(Work in Progress so beware of spoilers)

Beyond love existence is the main novel I wanna write… my idea is lots of crazy ideas that I try to connect into one idea but started this page on Anvil where everything will be create.

Dear series

Dear… and Dear reckoning are the diaries of Liv, a young strong woman who is supposed to get married with her husband Niklas in a year, so she decides to write a diary about the days until the great event, but the universe has other plans for her.

Versions: Online / Dear… PDF / Dear… Apple Books, Online / Dear reckoning PDF / Dear reckoning Apple Books

Purple Party

(Work in Progress so beware of spoilers)

The story follows a young couple who falls in love on New Year’s Eve only to have a spoiled by the leader Draco of the country decides he wants to be a dictator. The man Alex is the son of the dictator, and the woman Angela is the daughter of the former adversary of him. Will their father’s fight destroy their love or will it live though the many tests and people in their new life. Read more here


80S Game Poetry

This is 3 games that I changed into a bit of poetry. I don’t know if it really is poetry or not but felt the need to write and share them with the world.

Snake – 1st life – OnlinePDF
Pacman – 2nd life – OnlinePDF
Galaga – 3rd life – OnlinePDF


This is my poems about colours, not sure if I will add more than ‘Color of the rainbow’ as it covers them all but felt it needed a place on its own

Color of the rainbow – OnlinePDF


This is my poems about feelings

Tears – OnlinePDF
Smile – OnlinePDF
Love & Hate – OnlinePDF
Explosions – OnlinePDF
Soul – Online PDF
Body – OnlinePDF
I.. – OnlinePDF
Life – OnlinePDF
But the phone is ringing – Online PDF
I am the alien in this world – OnlinePDF


Small poems I have written on twitter that I felt needed a home here too, but won’t make PDF versions as they are so short

Twitter poem 1 – Online
Twitter poem 2 – Online

Elements (NEWEST)

Water – Online – PDF coming soon
Fire – Online – PDF coming soon
Earth coming soon
Air – Online – PDF coming soon

Short stories

Science Fiction

Here you can find my short stories

One of those days – a story about life and death – OnlinePDF
Iron Gates – a story about being weird – OnlinePDF
Iron Gates part 2 – a story about being weird – OnlinePDF
The darkness – a story about ads and life – OnlinePDF
The virus – a story about maybe all is not what it seems – OnlinePDF
The blind passenger – a story about gaming – OnlinePDF


Window – OnlinePDF NEW